What should I be aware of?

Do I always need a permanent residence permit? How long do I have to live in the Netherlands to apply for a mortgage? Do I always need a BSN? Do I need savings? Do I need a permanent employment contract? Explore your mortgage options with one of our independent advisors at HypotheekNet.

The 30% expat rule

There are several lenders that keep into account that you have an higher nett income the first years you work and live in the Netherlands. For as long as this rule is in force, the rule can lead to additional borrowing power.

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie

nationale hypotheek garantie


The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme is unique in Europe. It helps you take out a mortgage that is affordable and responsible from the start. And if you do run into problems meeting your payments due to circumstances beyond your control, the National Mortgage Guarantee may provide a safety net for you and your mortgage lender. Most mortgagors follow the conditions NHG has set for getting a mortgage.

Read more about NHG here.

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