Mortgages in the Netherlands

You want to settle in the Netherlands for a couple of years and you are wondering if you can buy a house. You probably can when you meet some requirements of the bank. In this article we explain the different types of rules or conditions for a mortgage in the Netherlands as expat.

EU/ Not EU

When you apply for a mortgage you will always need a BSN. If you are European or from Swiss, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein you don’t need extra documents and can apply to almost every bank. When you have an indefinite residence permit you can also apply for a mortgage more easily.

If you have a residence permit that’s valid for five years they want to see additional information. Ones with a temporary goal on their residence permit are not accepted. This condition is set up by Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) and mostly followed by all the banks, whether you get a mortgage with or without NHG. Additional they want to see that you have lived in the Netherlands for at least six months and have a permanent employment contract.

If you have any doubts contact us and we will see if it’s possible that you can get a mortgage.


Most banks don’t accept promovendus or researchers at an University. You have a few banks that do and want to see some additional information. For example: your diploma’s and resumé. If you want to know what your options are as a researcher or promovendus, contact us.

Expat rule / 30% rule

The 30% rule is introduced after World War II. It gave employers the chance to employ employers from outside the Netherlands with the benefits of taxable benefits. 30% of the income of expats is not charged with taxes. This means during the period of the 30% ruling, as an expat, you can have a higher loan at some banks.  

We like to explain how and what the certain benefits are.

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